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Healthy Start will provide a safe and nurturing environment where all children are respected and valued members of our community.



“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

- Friedrich Froebel

We understand young children learn more when they are active participants in their education. By implementing the High Scope approach to learning, we empower children to follow their passions. Curricular themes are chosen and explored according to the interests, abilities, and goals of the group. Developmentally appropriate activities are planned and presented daily through the signature High Scope plan-do-review process, a large group circle time, as well as smaller groupings determined by ability.

In caring for our infants and toddlers, nurturing a secure bond couldn't be more important. We do this by consistently responding to and providing for their physiological, emotional and social needs with an individualized approach. In doing so, they know they are safe, valued, understood, and deserving of love.

Our goal is to provide a safe haven for our school-agers to unwind from the stressors of the day. Providing a wholesome snack and opportunities for free choice, whether it be solitude, fresh air, or space to run, can help to restore balance. Of course, homework help will also be provided.

We are dedicated to providing high quality, natural foods. Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks include an array of organic, homemade and whole foods to nourish small bodies. Real kids deserve real food.

* We participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
* Menus will be adapted to ensure the safety of those with food allergies

We provide a daily activity log email, website and an optional iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows phone app. The apps have real-time interactive reporting and push notification, so that even when you are away you can stay in-touch. Some logged activites include; meals (what and how much), diapers, sleep (how many naps and how long), play (sometimes with photos), illnesses and drop-off/pick-up activites.

Sample Activity Log

  • "When Jaimie babysits for us, the kids
    scream with joy and ask everyday,
    'Is today a Jaimie day?'"

    Kirsten A.

  • "Jaimie understands that little people have big emotions, which is exactly why my kids have grown to truly love her."

    Megan B.

  • "Leaving your children with Jaimie
    is like leaving them with family."

    Cory B.

Jaimie was our babysitter for four years, and became part of our family during that time. My children loved Jaimie like an aunt, and she consistently loved them and held them to the highest of expectations. Jaimie's calm demeanor during every moment of the day provided a caring and warm environment for my children. She brought creative projects, educational activities and a lot of fun to work every day. When Jaimie babysits for us today, the kids scream with joy and ask every day "is today a Jaimie day?" I know Jaimie will be invited to my children's weddings.

The relationship with the parents is almost as important as the relationship with the kids, and Jaimie carefully developed trusting and mutually respectful relationships with my husband, my mother and with me. She shared the good from the day, and she also expressed any areas of concern. She did so without judgement, but rather with an approach of how do we address a certain behavior.

If there was a crisis in our family, Jaimie would be the first person I would call to help with our children. I would trust her to handle any situation, and I know my children would be loved. Jaimie is forever part of our family, and I feel so blessed that Jaimie came into our lives.

- Kirsten A.

Our Environment

Play Area

Block Area

Swing Set

Climbing Dome



Sensory Table

Fine Motor

Gross Motor

Art Activities

Art Activities

Sensory Activities

Summer Fun

Music Wall

Fish Tank

Outdoor Play

Dress Up

Here at Healthy Start, you will find the high quality learning materials that large centers offer combined with the comforts of home!

Our indoor and outdoor play areas provide endless opportunities for fun and exploration. Pretend play options include a play kitchen, grocery store, sensory table, dress up items, dolls, and even a puppet theater. From K'nex and Magna Tiles to Legos, Tinker Toys and unit blocks, we have everything your little builder could dream of! Many books, games and puzzles, animal figures, cars and trucks, trains, a fully stocked art room, and assorted musical instruments round out the indoor choices. Outside, there is a climbing dome and a swing set complete with a fort, music wall and sandbox. Basketball, tee ball, kickball and horseshoes keep kids moving. A water table and sprinkler keep us cool in the summer and a nice sledding hill keeps everyone moving in the winter. There is truly something for everyone!

A family child care home offers many additional benefits that large scale centers are not able to provide. Having the same care giver year after year, allows a strong, nurturing bond to develop. Children are able to branch out, confidently trying new things, with this strong foundation in place. Multi-aged group settings further contribute to the feeling of family. These groupings have been shown to produce a more cooperative, less competitive environment, with older children taking on leadership and care giving roles and younger children benefiting from the guidance and support provided. Building lasting, loving relationships takes top priority in our home.

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About Jaimie



From the second oldest of six children, to teenage babysitter, an aunt to ten children, a professional nanny and now a mother to two boys, my entire life has been spent in the company of children. I can honestly say, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Their smiles, hugs and silly jokes brighten my days. I have no doubt, this is my calling.


  • Growth and Development in Early Childhood
  • Curriculum and Materials in Early Childhood Education
  • Infant and Toddler Growth and Development
  • General Psychology


  • 90 Hour Preschool Certification
  • 45 Hour Infant / Toddler Certification
  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Emergency Preparedness Training
  • SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome Training


  • Maryland Department of Education
    Office of Child Care
    Registration Number: 162650


Full Time

Part Time

Before and After School

Occasional Care

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